Einat Couzin-Fuchs, Group Leader


Motivated to study perception in action, my research focuses on odour-guided behaviour and its underlying neural mechanisms in insects. 

During my MSc and PhD in the group of Prof. Amir Ayali in Tel Aviv University, I studied neural adaptions of swarm forming locusts for long-range migratory flights, and investigated the development of a specific neuronal circuit in different contexts. In 2008, I joined the group of Prof. Philip Holmes in the department of mechanical engineering in Princeton University as a postdoctoral researcher and studied the neural basis of legged locomotion in cockroaches. Inspired by cockroaches’ remarkable agility, we study the neural basis allowing their stable running gaits and fast recovery times when facing perturbations.  In 2015, I had moved to Konstanz University to join the neurobiology department (AG Galizia). Since then I am working towards my research goals to understand how perception leads to movement decisions and how motion affects perception. 


Antoine Hoffmann, PhD student

PhD project: Active smelling - understanding interactions between perception and motion in the American cockroach. Antoine is interested in understanding how cockroaches use antennal movements to improve the detection and tracking of odourants by combining both behavioural and electrophysiological approaches. He has previously been working at the INRA of Versailles on the perception of sex pheromones and navigation in moths. His master's degree was in Ecophysiology and Ethology and Bachelor's degree in Cellular Biology and Organismal Physiology from the University of Strasbourg.  


Inga Petelski, PhD student

In Collaboration with Prof. Amir Ayali 

PhD project: Perception in a social context- studying interactions between social and nom-social cues in swarm forming locusts. 


Yannick Günzel, PhD student

PhD project: The neurobiology of swarm-forming locusts. Combining neurophysiology and behavioural experiments under naturalistic conditions, Yannick's project aims to elucidate mechanisms underlying locusts individual and group movement decisions. Yannick had joined us in August 2019, after an MSc in Bielefeld where he studied adaptive motor control in stick insects.  


Jaclyn Mccollum, Master student

Joined us from Georgia state, Jacky is studying how group contexts influence decision making in Cockroaches. For her project she monitors individual and group responses to odour cues while, in collaboration with Inga, also look at how these cues are perceived in the cockroach's antennal lobe.


Philip Fourmann, Master studnet

Philip, in collaboration with Prof. Daniel Wiegmann from Bowling green state university is studying learning and olfactory association in Amblypygi (whip spides).